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Redundancy – Notice Periods And Outstanding Leave Entitlement - Practical Advice

Tue May 26th 2020

Many clients are unaware that because the subsidy is for “wages”, it can also be used for paying notice and outstanding holiday pay.

COVID-19 – Making Necessary Changes - Practical Advice

Mon April 20th 2020

COVID-19: The most common questions we are currently receiving and our general responses.


Wed March 11th 2020

Like many other employers, you are probably wondering what your obligations are during adverse events, particularly at the moment with Coronavirus, and thinking of all the “what if's”.

Performance Management

Mon Nov. 4th 2019

Do you shy away from managing performance?

Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)

Mon Nov. 4th 2019

Is a Performance Improvement Plan necessary before taking disciplinary action for poor performance?


Mon Nov. 4th 2019

Do you need to make changes to your business?

Workplace changes from 6 May 2019

Mon April 29th 2019

Practical advice | Benefits of a Probation Clause if you have more than 20 employees

Workplace changes 1 April 2019

Wed March 27th 2019

Things you must act on as an employer.

90-Day Trial Period

Wed Aug. 8th 2018

Employment Relations Changes That You Need to Know About

Insufficient information on medical certificates

Tue May 22nd 2018

Have you ever looked at a medical certificate and thought, “that really isn’t giving me the information I am needing”?

Thelma has provided training to our HR and management team, this was presented in an interactive and participative manner. We found this a great way to both learn and resolve real issues facing the company at the same time.
Financial Controller, SME, Auckland
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