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Workplace changes from 6 May 2019

Mon April 29th 2019

Practical advice | Benefits of a Probation Clause if you have more than 20 employees

Workplace changes 1 April 2019

Wed March 27th 2019

Things you must act on as an employer.

90-Day Trial Period

Wed Aug. 8th 2018

Employment Relations Changes That You Need to Know About

Insufficient information on medical certificates

Tue May 22nd 2018

Have you ever looked at a medical certificate and thought, “that really isn’t giving me the information I am needing”?

Covert Recording of meetings and conversations in the workplace – do you need a policy?

Tue May 22nd 2018

Covert recordings of employees by employers will be difficult to justify in anything but exceptional circumstances.

Unpaid staff meetings

Tue May 22nd 2018

There's been a fair bit of media attention recently and the fact is, unpaid meetings are not uncommon.

10 things you should know about Easter 2018

Mon March 12th 2018

It's not all fluffy bunnies and chocolate eggs, you know. Here are 10 things you should know about Easter 2018.

Want to make the most of returning to work?

Wed Jan. 17th 2018

Take a look at our handy tips to get you back into work mode at the start of this new year!

Changes ahead with Employment Legislation

Wed Nov. 1st 2017

Increasing Minimum Wage

Thinking of restructuring prior to Xmas?

Wed Nov. 1st 2017

If you are considering a restructure, talk to us first.

Thelma brings a practical, “no fuss” dynamic to dealing with otherwise difficult and complicated HR issues. She has shown an ability to negotiate past the emotional obstacles; get to the core issues; and formulate a mutually acceptable solution in a friendly and enthusiastic manner.
Financial Controller, SME, Auckland
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