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HR Coaching

If working with HR legislation and practices are not your managers area of expertise, our specialist knowledge and ability to gain the respect and confidence of managers very quickly can not only increase their competency, but can de-risk your business and improve business performance.

It has been said positive HR leads to positive PR

That’s why a company with good HR practices and a positive company culture will find that their employees say good things about where they work – and that can only be good for the bottom line. Our experience and expertise can help make this possible.

Coaching on a one-on-one basis

One-on-one coaching will help provide managers with the competence and confidence to do their job well. This coaching can include informing managers of legislative requirements and best practice, to ensure their actions comply and any correspondence is worded correctly ensuring the risk to businesses is minimised.

Group coaching

We can facilitate group coaching which will provide a positive and interactive forum where managers and supervisors can get together and discuss HR issues that are affecting them and the business. With our assistance the outcome from these forums results in increased competency, best practice, and perhaps most importantly, gives managers and supervisors the confidence to address issues that need to be addressed.

Thelma has worked with me on a number of diverse organisational challenges over several years now, she is a skilled consultant whose work I trust. She works in a methodical, efficient and respectful way and has built my trust as we have worked together. I also find value in the diverse set of skills and services Thelma can offer which has led to a significant updating of policies and documentation.
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