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Performance Management

It is the attitude and skill of the Manager that determines whether or not performance management including performance reviews are productive and beneficial.

Most managers we know are exceptionally busy and struggle to get through their “to do” list each day. The expectation to spend time on a process they might consider difficult or confrontation can sometimes seem overwhelming or just “too hard”.

Without the proper coaching in having difficult or “courageous” conversations, they might feel uncomfortable having to raise performance issues with their employees.

It is common for managers to lose focus on the benefits of effective performance management and rather procrastinate because of time, money, possible conflict, not to mention the concern if they get the process wrong.

A performance management process should be clear, measureable, simple, and supported by tracking reviews. Tracking reviews can be undertaken preferably monthly, quarterly or six monthly, but it is essential that regular communication takes place. This does not need to be an arduous task and with some proper planning can lead to positive outcomes for both the manager and employee.

It is a great opportunity to learn about the challenges facing your team and what their aspirations and goals are for the future. Encouraging a two way conversation can bring out some great suggestions of alternative ways to do things, or possibilities for growth and therefore the success of the Manager and their department.

The discussions also provide a forum for performance issues to be discussed before they escalate.

We have extensive experience in this area – call us and we can guide your managers through the process and maximise this opportunity for both management and staff.

I want to say thank you for the incredible work you have done to bring about a resolution to the dispute I had with my employer. I know I would not have achieved this outcome if it were not for you. I want to thank you also for your kindness and care for me during this whole process. That and your abilities and judgment impressed me so greatly. I can't say how much I admire and respect you and feel blessed that I had you at my side to navigate through the whole process. I would like to tell you also that at a personal level you are the most inspirational woman I have ever met.
Manager, SME, Auckland.
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