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Mediation Testimonials

Testimonials for my work in mediation for both Employers and Employees.

Testimonials from Employers

"Thelma you’re our guardian angel”.

Director, Drilling Company.

“Thelma, I think we need to put a cape on you, dress you up in gold and nominate you as human being of the year. I have already referred you to another company and will continue to refer you to anyone I come across that could use your assistance.”

Director, SME

"Your professionalism and your calm demeanour are what stood out throughout and your swift prompt responses. You clearly know what you’re doing and I never had any doubt. From the get go you took the reins and a few words from yourself set the tone for confidence in you - I knew I was in good hands."

Small Business Owner, Auckland

"During the mediation process, which could have become heated and emotional, Thelma expertly managed the situation so that an outcome was reached with minimal drama. Thelma’s endless empathy for both sides gave me the ability to see the big picture and make decisions based on face, not emotion."

Director, SME, Auckland

"I was referred to Thelma by a colleague and friend. Thelma has assisted me with resolving an employment matter with a current employee. The matter needed to be addressed but we didn’t want to lose him. Thelma helped us to achieve a positive outcome for going forward. I found Thelma to be sensitive to my needs as an employer, as well as to the needs of my employee. She was direct and efficient, yet open minded and caring. I'd highly recommend working with Thelma."

Director, SME, Auckland

"I gathered through the meeting you are very pragmatic and come with years of experience. I enjoyed your style and working alongside you."

GM, SME, Auckland

"Thelma brings a practical, “no fuss” dynamic to dealing with otherwise difficult and complicated HR issues. She has shown an ability to negotiate past the emotional obstacles; get to the core issues; and formulate a mutually acceptable solution in a friendly and enthusiastic manner."

Financial Controller, SME, Auckland

“Thanks for your very wise counsel and support”

Director, SME, Auckland

Testimonials from Employees

"Thank you so much for all your help, working through this issue with you was a breath of much needed fresh air. I was told you would be thoughtful, calm and amazing, you certainly delivered on all three and some."

Business Development Manager, Auckland

"I contacted Thelma to provide me with professional advice as I was facing some work challenges. A very good listener, she quickly grasped the full dynamics of my situation and kindly supported me and at short notice.

Thanks to her sound expertise, my situation was quickly resolved and to my full satisfaction. It was a very stressful time for me but Thelma made it much easier to cope with: she was very thorough in her approach, providing clear, concise and practical advice. I would highly recommend Thelma to anyone requiring employment advice and support."

Senior Corporate Manager, Auckland

"Thelma worked with me quickly and efficiently on a personal grievance. She dealt with the issues with grace and empathy which gave me the confidence that the issue would be dealt with on my behalf in the most professional manner with an outcome that was fair and reasonable. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend or use Thelma again in the future."

Executive Corporate Assistant, Auckland

"When you are faced with a proposal that your role is being disestablished and you are being made redundant, what do you do? I chose to enlist Thelma’s professional advice to ensure the best possible outcome. The value to me in having such an experienced advocate was significant. I totally recommend Thelma to you if you are going through a similar experience.

Business Development Manager, Corporate, Auckland

"There are no words to express how you have helped me over the last couple of months. Thank you so much for being my rock. Ann and David will also be special to me with their support and suggestion of giving you a ring to discuss my dilemma. I’m glad we had this opportunity and wish you all the best."

Manager, Auckland

"Thank you so much for your support and expert advice. I never would have made it through without you. You were my rock."

Manager, Auckland

“I want to say thank you for the incredible work you have done to bring about a resolution to the dispute I had with my employer. I know I would not have achieved this outcome if it were not for you.

I want to thank you also for your kindness and care for me during this whole process. That and your abilities and judgment impressed me so greatly. I can't say how much I admire and respect you and feel blessed that I had you at my side to navigate through the whole process.

I would like to tell you also that at a personal level you are the most inspirational woman I have ever met.”

Manager, SME, Auckland.

“Thank you for supporting me at such short notice. You have been amazing to deal with and so helpful, even working after hours, to ensure that I was able to clear my name and move on with my life.”

Contractor, Auckland

Thanks for your very wise counsel and support
Director, SME, Auckland
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