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Mon Aug. 29th 2022

People are asking for advice as to how they can retain and get the best from the staff they have when recruiting new staff is so difficult.

From 30 years’ experience working in human resources, I believe the key is communication. Difficult when you are so busy but making time to speak to your staff one-to-one pays dividends.

We have developed a very practical but effective performance review process which can be customised for what you need. Call us to discuss how this can make a difference to you, your team, and your business.

We are also being asked to review employment agreements. In the current employment environment some existing agreements need updating to reflect legal and practical changes. This obviously applies to new hires but often our clients decide they want to update the agreements for their current employees as well. So if your agreements are out of date, we can guide you through this in a practical way.

Many of our clients don’t realise that any changes to the terms of employment must be recorded in a Variation and signed by both parties.

We provide specialist practical advice for our clients, as and when required, and they view our advice as an investment in their ongoing professional development; building knowledge, skills, and experience in human resources as new situations arise. We provide confidence and support to address whatever issue they are facing.

Thru a referral Thelma has been my “go to” specialist over a range of HR projects including employment agreements, developing a staff handbook and restructuring my business. I have always found Thelma to be pragmatic in developing effective solutions that has suited both the needs of the business and those of our employees.
Director, SME, Auckland
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