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Performance Management

Mon Nov. 4th 2019

Performance management, including regular reviews, is a proper part of the ongoing life of any business. Good processes can lead to strong positive cultural changes in your business and sometimes avoids the necessity of disciplinary action and recruitment processes – a good outcome for everyone.

Managing performance in a positive way also provides a very good opportunity for you as the business owner/manager to show strong and fair leadership.

Quite often managers shy away from the perceived difficulties and friction of performance management and instead look to restructuring. Sometimes these two different concepts do properly cross over but often it is not appropriate to deal with performance through position changing.

Performance management can be a very positive and effective tool and like restructuring there are ways of approaching it which can produce the desired outcomes from staff. It can also provide a safe platform for both parties to proceed to the more formal approach should it be required.

When I was promoted from a Sales Consultant to Sales Manager Thelma’s assistance was invaluable. There was a tremendous amount to learn about managing staff and ensuring I was procedurally correct in everything I did. Thelma was only a phone call away to talk things through, she would check documentation for me and her services were provided quickly, efficiently and in such a positive way.
Sales Manager, Corporate, Auckland
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